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Major Faux Pas of Native eCommerce Apps

Getting your native eCommerce app just right can be tough. Luckily, knowledge is power. Learn how you can easily avoid even the biggest app faux pas.

Teardown: BloomThat iOS App

Teardown: BloomThat iOS app. Come find out the good, the bad and the noteworthy aspects of this iOS app.

Teardown: SPG iOS App

Starwood Hotels got acquired by Marriott in 2016, making the combined chain the biggest hotel company in the world. Road warriors everywhere are fiercely loyal to their choice of hotel chain, but can the app act as a point of differentiation?

Teardown: Gilt iOS & Android App

Gilt once readied for an IPO that never came, leading to a (for investors at least) disappointing sale in early 2016. How are the current apps fearing? Let's find out

Teardown: Jet iOS App is famous for their dynamic pricing. Their app elegantly includes this feature, and which is in part how they are able to outperform their new corporate overlords in terms of AppScore

Teardown: REI iOS App

REI sells a large number of technical outdoor items through it's app, which is more challenging than selling something like everyday clothing or cosmetics. It does this well though, with well thought out features like highlighting in-depth customer reviews.

Report: The 10 Most Common Consumer Complaints

This report aims to help companies be aware of the most common consumer complaints about eCommerce apps, and hopefully avoid or mediate these issues before they significantly impact revenues and customer satisfaction.

Teardown: Frank & Oak iOS App

Frank & Oak is a DNVB (digital native vertical brand), which is a fancy way of saying online focused, vertically integrated brand. With that focus, its unsurprising that they've built a native app. What is surprising is their low AppScore (62). Read on to find out why.

Teardown: Sephora iOS App

Sephora has been doing app commerce since the early days, and clearly have invested significant resources in developing a polished mobile experience. That investment shows, with their iOS app earning an AppScore of 89 on our teardown.

Teardown: Walmart iOS App

Innovation is probably not the first thing that springs to mind when thinking of Walmart [NYSE:WMT], the worlds largest retailer. Despite that, the giant has done a solid job on it’s smartphone app, earning it a AppScore of 74 on our teardown.