Kind: Shark
Platform: iOS App
Version: 3.2.09
Rating: 4
AppScore™: C
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Teardown: Cole Haan iOS App


Cole Haan has been a name in the footwear industry since 1928. What started as small men’s shoe company has grown into a global lifestyle brand with almost 200 stores in 23 countries.

In 2012, Apax Partners bought Cole Haan from Nike for $570 million, and has continued laying out plans to expand throughout Europe and South East Asia.


Cole Haan is a brand on a mission — to get men, women and children looking good with its high-end footwear and accessories. Despite serving much of the same audience as Coach and Kate Spade New York, they managed to continually set themselves apart and be a renowned name in luxury fashion.

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The Good

Considering that sales should be every ecommerce app’s #1 priority — it may surprise you just how many of them miss the mark when it comes time to accepting payments. Luckily, the Cole Haan iOS app is not one of them.

We really enjoyed its robust payment feature, which allows users a one-touch payment option through Apple Pay — it’s fast, easy, and simplifies the whole buying process. Likewise, if you don’t have Apple Pay set up on your phone, the app provides you with a standard checkout feature. Win-Win.

The Bad

Unfortunately for Cole Haan, getting its users to actually arrive at any of the products they want to purchase is far more challenging than it needs to be. In fact, the overall app’s performance was difficult to use, to say the least.

When we first used the app, we were greeted with nothing but blank pages and spinning wheels for several hours, and it took a whole day before we were able to get the Instagram tab to load. This initial lack of functionality was beyond frustrating.

The Interesting

Much like the app’s overall performance, Cole Haan’s search feature left so much to be desired that we had to mention it here.

Unlike most search features that will pull up items the customer wishes to see, Cole Haan’s search feature was bent on highlighting it’s belts and shoes, regardless of what items you *actually* searched for.

While hilariously bad, it also left us feeling completely unable to navigate the app effectively, or even accomplish the goal of finding something to buy.

End Summary

If you’re blessed with some rock solid patience and love to really hunt for what you want, you may love this app — as it stands, we gave it a C.

While Cole Haan’s iOS app had a few nice features, it left a lot more to be desired in terms of user experience and functionality. (And, it may just be worth checking out one of its 200 brick-and-mortar locations near you…)

Author: Emily Gomez & Einar Vollset, Corresponding Author:


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