Kind: Barracuda
Platform: iOS App
Version: 1.9.4
Rating: 4.5
AppScore™: A+
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Teardown: Dollar Shave Club iOS App


In 2011, Dollar Shave Club founders Mark Levine and Michael Dubin set out to change the shaving industry with their subscription-based razor service, which sent customers new blades for as low as $1 every month.

Little did they know, what would start as a joint frustration with overpriced razors would, in less than five years, turn into a growing empire that would sell for over $1 billion to Unilever in 2016.


Since its inception, The Dollar Shave Club has aimed to change the way consumers see the common razor blade. Despite Gillet’s long held claim on the industry, Dollar Shave Club founders managed to step in with low-price blades that still get the job done.

It’s clear that with its three unique plans for customers to choose from, and its full range of shaving and grooming products, there’s a lot there to love — but how does its iOS app stack up?

As usual, let’s highlight the good, the bad and the noteworthy. If you want more details you can order a detailed version of this report at the end.

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The Good

If a good looking app that’s easy to use and quick to load is important to you — which, let’s be honest, it should be — then you’re going to love this one.

The Dollar Shave Club has done an amazing job using unique high-res images, colors, and styles to display each of its products, and help differentiate between collections. This clean aesthetic isn’t only pleasing, but helps set themselves apart quite a bit.

Best of all, these lux features don’t impact the user experience whatsoever. The app still loads just as quickly, is intuitive to use, and looks great while doing it.

The Bad

While the Dollar Shave Club app is certainly cleaning up in the aesthetics and features department, there was one glaring missed opportunity in the iOS app— the lack of a search feature. This means, if you’re looking for something specific in their app, you either need to be familiar with where to go, or are up to the job of doing some deep investigational work to find it.

Luckily for Dollar Shave Club, the curated offerings leave it with a very select number of products to choose from, so if you’re willing to put in a little critical thinking, it can be pretty easy to find just the right thing.

The Interesting

In addition to offering a full range of standard features in the app, the company also includes a section with articles, which is one unique feature we didn’t see coming from this subscription service.

The subjects within the articles tab vary widely, with everything from shaving techniques (like you’d expect), to even ones you wouldn’t, like how to manage your money. In all, we definitely felt this was noteworthy, but not entirely necessary.

End Summary

Dollar Shave Club is continuing to make a name for themselves as a subscription-based service and if its iOS is any indicator of how they’re doing, they’re far along the road to success.

Even despite the lack of a search function, we loved this app for ease of use, clean aesthetic, and quick load times — which is why we proudly gave it an A.

Author: Emily Gomez & Einar Vollset, Corresponding Author:


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